Hoping for a little hope and some suggestions and answers

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a family member is a survivor of chilhood cancer. Now a mid-30-something with two children there are much more demands on her life. Unfortunately, while she does very well, the radiation and the childbirths have taken a toll. The radiation has destroyed her teethe and her salivary glands. In fact she can barely swallow, even liquids, and that's after several balloon surgeries forcing her to eat out of a feeding tube. At this stage in her life, and a a divorcee, single mom, she would like to enjoy her life and her family, go out and enjoy a meal and put on some extra weight to have even more strength and energy to take care of her family. The family is willing to go anywhere in the world. Is there anyone who is also going through this and can make some suggestions or is there anyone who can direct us further. We would really love to surprise her and find her some hope.


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    Hi ladyfaith,
    I am a colon cancer survivor, so I don't have a lot of experience with childhood cancers, and I have no idea what type of cancer your family member had, but have you tried posting in the section on her type of cancer, if there is one? Also, maybe you can google the type of cancer that she has and see if you can find an organization that deals with that and the long term effects. It sounds like the long term issues are pretty severe. I certainly wish you well and hope you find some answers you are hoping to.
    Best of luck,
    Susan H.
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    Hi. I had a bone marrow transplant in 1991 for NHL and I have severe tearing from the radiation and they can't do anything about it. My eyes are so dried out that they just over tear constantly. Radiation robs us of our fluids that help to saturate our bodies, mucus builds as well because it burns off the cilia that help to move it along and so we get infections more as well. There is always hope, and they are coming up with new things all the time but this is a problem for me as well but in a different area, tearing and mucus build up. Radiation helps to destroy cancer but it can have long term effects as well. I wish your friend the best.