3 Years NED!!

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Just got the results from my latest CT scan, all clear! I haven't posted in awhile, so for those that are new, I was diagnosed Stage 4 Feb. '04. Resection, 7 months of FOLFORI w/Avastin, and then RFA in October '04 for three remaining spots on liver. CT scans every six months since have shown NED. I will defer the naked happy dance to others (wouldn't be a pretty site), but we (my wife and kids) will be celebrating tonight. Mike


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    First of all.....



    You know, if you are shy, you can do this in the shower!!! (I, of course, prefer the top of a bar!!!).

    Grrrrrrreat news!!!! I'm 2 years NED on the colon, 1 year on the breast, so I am 'behind' you...lol..

    Meet a gal 2 days ago that is a 21 YEAR colon cancer surviver...she shared that after her last colonoscopy, her doc said "See you in 5 years". To which she replied..."Oh, I don't think so, by then I'll be 90, and I'll take my chances!" WHAT an inspiration!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    That's great news Mike. It serves as an inspiration to all of us who worry what the next step may be. Have a happy celebration!

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    i am so happy for == you go!!!!!!

    lisa r
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    Great to hear the good news and to hear from you. I've been wondering about how you were doing. I'm a month behind you so I always think of you when my testing gets close.

    Hugs to you and your wife.....missed you in Nashville!!!

    Lisa P.
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    Mike that is awesome news! I hope I am just like you one day:) Celebrate, you so deserve it!
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    What awesome news! I remember my 3 year anniversary (now almost 6 years ago!) It was then that I truly believed that I had a long life ahead of me....and I better start truly living it! I made some changes, all good, and now almost 9 years post cancer have designed a life that is full and still largely imperfect! Congratulations....enjoy the night and the next 40 years!
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    Hi Mike -

    Thanks for your inspiring post. I am Stage IV (diagnosed May 2005) - have been NED since late August 2005, but scans are coming up next week. Always a high anxiety period for me and hearing your good news is great for me, as well as for you.

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    Mike -

    How great to hear from you - and what wonderful news to hear! Congratulations!

    Hope to see you at CP-6 (still don't know where it will be).

    Best regards

    - Sponge
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    Thank you so much for sharing the great news! It serves as inspiration to all of us. I will fall asleep tonight with even more hope than last night. Have fun celebrating!
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    Oh, come on Mike, let's do the dance, come-on start moving, shake that thing, move them hips, there you go, dance, dance, dance!!!!!!!!
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    nudgie said:

    Oh, come on Mike, let's do the dance, come-on start moving, shake that thing, move them hips, there you go, dance, dance, dance!!!!!!!!

    Hey g'day Mike...great to hear the good news. Yup, I know it has bin a while since I was here last but I guess better than not at all. Keep crunchin up the years bloke.
    Cheers from oz.
    Ross n Jen

    ps......I'm beginnin' ta wonder if Kathi owns any clothes...lol!
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    Thanks for sharing. You give us all hope! I love to read good news.

    Here's to NED!

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    Congrats! That is so awesome. It gives me, just a recent NED, so much hope. Thanks for posting your good news.
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    It is always great to see NED. It is the NED's that keep reminding us that there is hope.

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    Celebrate Mike you deserve it. It's great to hear good news keeps us all going. Good luck! Maggi
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    great news! celebrate & thanks for sharing . When one wins, we all win ! God Bless.