Robotic Surgery - Choice of Surgeon

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Recently diagnosed with PCa - Gleason 6 (3+3) - T2a - Age 66. I have met with Drs Patel (Ohio State), Ash Tewari and David Lee from Penn in Philly. I am leaning toward Tewari - he seems great and I have talked to some of his former patients as well as read about him on this forum. Has anyone had any experience with David Lee or Patel ? Your input would be appreciated.


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    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I am glad you have visited our site though. Although I have had no experience with either of the surgeons listed ( I had conventional surgery) there are many members who have. I am sure you will receive responses from them. I had the exact scores as you and am now leading a completely normal life.

    Keep positive and good luck,

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    Can't help you with the surgeron choice. Mine was completed 3 weeks ago yesterday 08/06 by a Dr.Ackerman in Portland,OR. Went home next day. Just had three week check and doing fine. Minimal pain, some incontinence, and a nasty rash from the leakage until I got some meds for it but still in my opinion this was the best option for me. Had a gleason 3+4 with 6 yrs of low (1.04-1.74) PSA only a digital exam found the tumor. Good luck..
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    I heard Tewari was the best and most experience. Don't know of the others. I had RP in Dec, 2006. Everything is fine. From my research, if I was to recommend a procedure to anyone it would be robotics with Tewari.
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    Just had robotic surgery to remove my prostate in Mid July.It's the only way to go,I was up and walking that night and left the hospital by noon the next day!No pain I couldn't manage. I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota,Doctor Igor Frank. He and his staff were the best!
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    I'm scheduled for Dr. Tewari on October 8th (no stealing my date!). I've been told, and have read that he is one of the--if not THE--best guy for robotic laporoscopic. Bertrand Guillonneau (Sloan Kettering) is supposedly the best for straight laporoscopic. Both have performed THOUSANDS of these surgeries! Tewari is claiming recovery rates in the high 90's for continence and sexual function, and single digit risks for recurrence.

    Or, since I'm PSA 3.14, Stage T1c, Gleason 3+_3 and 46 years old, I may do "Watchful Waiting" after I get my Endo-rectal MRI done, and hear the results.