Side effects of Aromasin

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I am a survivor of 3 years. I was taking tamoxfin. My doctor changed me over to Aromasin and now I am have complete body and joint pain. I work in retail and stand on my feet for 8 hours a day 5 days a week and this is just killing me. I have talked to my doctor and she has told me to try and work through it as this is the best treatment. My question to you is has anyone else had these systems? What have you done to help get through the discomfort. I was doing well on tamoxfin and would like to go back on it. Has anyone else had this reaction? Thank you in advance for your help it is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Terry! Yes, I also have joint aches and pains from Aromisen but with time, they seem to be somewhat less. I do wake up in the AM and move as an old lady but the more I move around the more I losen up. I also am on my feet all day as I'm a PT in a Nursing Home working with subacute Residents. I'm ok as long as I move around but when I stand still or move slowly, my back hurts alot. Try to take some advil and exercise as much as you tolerate. You might want to see a PT who can give you suggestions of ways to ex and help yourself. I had been on Tamoxifen for 5 years and also tolerated it much better. I have alot of side effects from the Aromisen such as increased Cholesterol, wt. gain, thinning of my hair etc... The MD is surprised but I only started this when I stopped Tamoxifen. I did try Femara for 8 mos. but that was real bad for me. Try to stay on the meds for a while and see if things don't calm down. Afterall, joint pain is better than a recurrance of Cancer.Keep us posted. Feel free to e-mail me here if you want. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Yes, It bothers me mostly in the evening. Sometimes I walk which helps. A couple of tylenol at night also helps
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    I'm still on Tamoxifen, but only until May. Thanks for the heads up!


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    I switched from Tamoxifen to aromasin after about 2 1/2 years. I didn't notice all the joint pain till I was put on steroids for a reoccurring sinus infection. The steroids not only cleared up the drip, they got rid of the pain for a week. I really wanted to stay on the pills, but the doctor convinced me that the side effects of steroids (like permanent kidney damage and bone loss) were just not worth being able to run like the wind again. Funny thing was, the pain didn't come back till 4 months later after I stopped taking the exemestane for a month and a half and then started back up. I don't know if it was my age or the start up that did it, but it came back some worse than it had been before. Staying active really helps(I'm taking a class at the YMCA every single morning M-F and I walk Saturday and Sunday). Yoga and stretching really seem to help. Every so often I try some ibruprofen or Tylenol. The worst pain is when I don't move something for a long period of time. Heavy blankets on the bed keep me from tossing around and moving my feet. Then my feet and ankles hurt in the morning. Wiggling a little before I get out of bed seems to help a lot. Lighter blankets help too, but it is too cold right now for that. I'd rather ache a little!! You can ask your doctor if the pains are too much for you. He can switch you back or to something else. If you go back to tamoxifen, be sure to keep an eye on your uterus, watch for blood cloats, and stop after 5 years to avoid undesirable side effects. Good luck!
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    I want to thank you for answering my question. I have discussed the side effects with my onc. and we both feel I should change back to tamoxfin. Since I have done this having been feeling like my old self again. I feel I am not giving up my quality of life. In August will be 4 years since the mastectomy and am looking forward to the day I can quit taking any meds.

    My prayers are with all my fellow sisters who are fighting this monster.