secondary bone cancer

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can anyone tell me if bone marrow transplant is good for someone with metastases in bones from breast cancer?


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    I have only heard of hodgkins lymphoma or non hodgkins can't remember which now have transplants and I have heard of breast cancer but don't know if they have had reoccurrance or not at the time. I don't know much but this.
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    When I was in the leukemia ward, they had a woman with breast cancer who had a BMT. I am not sure why, however. This would be good to look into.
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    Although BMTs (bone marrow transplants) and SCTs (stem cell transplants) were widely deployed during late 80s and through much of the 90s, these therapies are rarely administered since then, in large part because, as Dr. Eric Winer, Director of the Breast Oncology Center out at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has correctly pointed out, more recent clinical evidence shows that comparable or superior outcomes are attainable with less radical and less toxic optimal endocrine (hormonal) therapies, often coupled with metastasis-slowing bisphosphonate therapy, and even advanced options like special radiopharmaceutical therapy, for example, Strontium-89 (Mateastron) and Samarium-153 (Quadramet), and coadministration of a COX-2 inhibitor with bisphosphonate therapy.

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