3c with no disease in pelvis

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I'm a 3c grade3 serous papillary but there was no disease in my pelvis, just on the ovaries and in the lymph glands. Is there anyone out there with this? I've just finished chemo and getting nervous about it coming back.


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    I was diagnosed with Ovca Stage 3 in May 2001. Right from the start I am aware that it can and possibly will come back, so I have done a lot of research on diet, lifestyle change, exercise and qigong. I urge you to do your own research. Reading books on nutrition will be a start - Beating cancer with nutrition is a great book to start with - by Patrick Quinllin. The Food Doctor is another good book. Inside you will find 100 kinds of food. Make it point to incorporate about 70% of those food in your diet. Pay special attention to the ones that say "Anti-cancer" or "A perfect food". I also learned self-massage from books, took up qigong, learn about deep breathing from books, take some vitamin supplements, walk on treadmill. I go for my check-ups once every 6 mths and I am still scared stiff each time, but in-between, I am doing everything I can to help myself. Start building up your immune system now. All the best, Jo