What is wrong with my ex-husband

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Hello everyone.I hope you had a good christmas .I didn`t because my ex,found out me and my 16 year old was e-mailing each other and now I have lost her again. I know this because I called my daughters friends mom and she said my daughters friend was there the day he found out and he was screaming at her that if she didn`t go by his rules he would make sure she only got what he fed her.( he has promised her a car),or that she could pack her bags and go to me.The sad thing is that it was the same day I sent all their presents.I even sent my ex a present.I just can`t win with him.My daughter doesn`t want to leave her friends and ESPECIALLY a car. I call and call but noone will pick up the phone.My son is the one who told on my daughter.It shouldn`t even be a secret but my ex wants total control. If he can`t have me then he will hurt me and the best way is through my kids. All I know is that I spent the whole day crying on Christmas. And now I don`t have my daughter to talk to .....Does anyone know what I should do?I went to the normal dr,and he wouldn`t renew my zanax because he said I had too many issues and I needed to see a psychiatrist.Today is my 4th chemo and I dread it and feel so sad that I just want to cry but I need to work half a day before I go to chemo.Remember that My insurance wouldn`t pay for my chemo and rad. I do have alot of issues going on and they are issues I don`t know how to solve by myself.


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    My word, you do have a lot on your plate! I am so sorry that I don't have "magic" for you or your situation...sadly, there is no rational reason why people act out in cruelty and show no compassion. I can only encourage you to come into chat with us...we are a large group of Kindred Spirits, as it were, and whereas we can't fix the myriad problems, we are all pretty good listeners, and are in some fashion going through this Cancer Battle united as family. Hope that helps...
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    God, that's so sad. I don't know how to help but how about a lawyer? Someone has to help you! We here can only lend an ear and give you support and love through these wires. We also can keep you in our prayers. Hugs, Marie
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    Firt of all iam very sorry to hear that your going through so much right know.I wish your kids where stronger and could tell you ex to go get lost that they are going to stand by you through all of this.Secondly i cant belive your insurance isnt paying for your chemo and Rad how come?And thridly i know it is hard right know but you need to worry only about getting your self well your kids will relize one of these day what a jerk there dad is and come home too you.We all wish you the best of luck and just hang in there and dont give up you have lots of people on this site that care about you.Bunnie(Amy)
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    what about visitation? Did the court not give you something to use. If he interfears with the visits or your right to a relationship with the kids you have grounds to go back to court and you do not have to have a lawyer you can file motions yourself.