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I saw my ONc.last Fri. and everything is fine.Thank the Lord!!! had ct scan before seeing my onc. asked some questions but,for my own insecurities always feel like you need that little bit more. I use to post and read at this sight almost 3 years now. Have been through all the chemo rad. herceptin once a week for 6 months till my heart started to show sign,s of change so that was over. Had reconstruction with saline implants. ok sorry if I get wordy this is why I usually just read everyones posting to help with questions I have. Many seem to share same concerns. My oco. is a very nice man sometimes on the shy side so here is some of my questions. with my tumor I felt the deep spot you can read mypage to fill in story. when you have your ct scans will it show you for sure if the cancer comes back like on the chest wall? since in my case I had both ductal and lobular on the same breast I choose to has a double mas. I still have that tight feeling deep and close to the chest my onco. says all this is normal I read it and think ok this is right but, can't help the little voices in your head that say yeah but,what if. I ask my doctor but,sometimes you need to hear from people who have been or are in the same place. Our town does not have support groups for cancer and to travel out of town is hard when you have 2 hour drives. Boy sorry i warned you I'amwordy.


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    Dear Sharon,
    I have those ''what if'' voices in my head - I have to beat them off with a BIG OLD STICK! Somedays I wished my stick were petrified, some days my voices petrify me!

    Just last week, I saw my Doctors office name and phone number on my caller ID box and almost made my heart stop! A couple months ago I had a sinus/ear infection that I JUST KNEW was the cancer coming back for the 3rd time. A few weeks after that I had something in my eye that was irrarting me to no end, I just KNEW that I had the same rare eye cancer that Dawgs (from the chat room) talks about.

    Took two different doctors, my regular one AND the eye doctor to make me believe I was OK.

    Man I am making myself sound really pethatic arent I?

    I never know I was that bad till just now??LOL>> oh well Im a mess. dont follow my example! LOL
    Just trust that you will be fine- like my mom used to tell me.. do as I SAY not as I do! LOL

    Good luck
    God Bless
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    I really hope you will take these as encouraging words. I have shared with you and others all the fears that arise from pains and infections and I have called my doc as needed. What I have discovered is that we are not alone in our fears, and the doctor does not think we are crazy or obsessed....and if they do they obviously don't understand what it is like to have cancer. After my mastectomy, I had a saline implant. A change in insurance took me to a new surgeon, he told me to do monthly exams on the implant side also. Because of that I noticed a growing spot at the base of the implant and notified surgeon and plastic surgeon. It was a chest wall local recurrence with no mets! My understanding is that the tests are able to cover what is behind the implant. We can play a role in keeping an eye on what we can feel. By the way, when I had an implant I also had the tight feeling on the chest. When in doubt, I just keep asking the doctor. For fun after a series of fears when I was sure the doc thought I was a nut, I sent him a large can of nuts with a note that said, this is a reminder that I am not a nut case!
    Peace to you! Jane