Marijuana for pain?

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Has anyone had success with marijuana, gummies probably, for pain? Luckily I live in a state where it’s legal. I’ve read that if it’s HPV related then a 3:1 ratio THC:CBD.


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    Hi, I'm researching THC and CBD, too, as I want to get off gabapentin. I don't have much recent personal experience with weed in any form, and what do I remember is from decades ago. So, I'm learning.

    Can you find a medical dispensary ? I found the staff to the more knowledgeable about all the various formulations and delivery methods for medical use.

    Do you by chance recall where you read about a correlation between THC:CHB ratio and HPV associated SCCA? I have not seen this, but am intrigued.

    I have tried various formulations. Haven't found the perfect match yet. So far just doing a 50:50 sublingual drop. It helps with pain, but more importantly for me appetite and nausea, without the unwanted side effects.

    Good luck and please share what you learn.

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    I can attest to the THC issue; I used RSO, a high strength, High THC content ( 70% +); I started on it a couple of weeks before starting my chemo treatments ( 6ea, 3 weeks apart)

    The THC helped almost immediately; It reduced my pain, helped me sleep, and after 3 months my tumor had been reduced 50%. After 6 months all is gone, no traces of anything. My cancer was NON-HPV related; if yours is HPV-related, there is a different protocol for using the THC, it involved I believe a 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

    I am part of a group on Facebook that has helped 1000's of cancer patients with all types of cancer.

    I can send you an invite to it if you want to learn more.

    Many have had great success with RSO, do some research on it. The doctors will not endorse it or even discuss it with me; Most likely because it will take away a major source of revenue for everyone involved in the cancer business.

    I really believe cannabis has a place in our treatment, it's natural, no side effects except maybe increased sleep ( Sleeping is healing!) and is great for pain and helping our bodies fight / eliminate cancer.