Marijuana for pain?

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Has anyone had success with marijuana, gummies probably, for pain? Luckily I live in a state where it’s legal. I’ve read that if it’s HPV related then a 3:1 ratio THC:CBD.


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    Hi, I'm researching THC and CBD, too, as I want to get off gabapentin. I don't have much recent personal experience with weed in any form, and what do I remember is from decades ago. So, I'm learning.

    Can you find a medical dispensary ? I found the staff to the more knowledgeable about all the various formulations and delivery methods for medical use.

    Do you by chance recall where you read about a correlation between THC:CHB ratio and HPV associated SCCA? I have not seen this, but am intrigued.

    I have tried various formulations. Haven't found the perfect match yet. So far just doing a 50:50 sublingual drop. It helps with pain, but more importantly for me appetite and nausea, without the unwanted side effects.

    Good luck and please share what you learn.