Multiple Myeloma Stem Cell Transplant

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I’ve been recently diagnosed with mm at age 67. Must now decide whether to get a stem cell transplant. My doctor says because of so many new treatments coming out, I could go either way. For those who did or did not get a stem cell transplant… how did it go for you?


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    it takes allot out of you..Im on day 28 and still feel nausea

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    I was diagnosed with Stage 3 MM at age 66. Originally planned on Stem Cell, but had to get Chemo. Really rough at first - got dementia, but recovered. Ended up on Velcade/Revlamid. Been in Remission 10 years. Main side effect - severe neuropathy.

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    I'm 67 and also went thru chemo(velcade)treatments along with revlimid. I also now have severe neuropathy in both feet and minor in fingers from side effect of velcade. Did u find anything that is helping you with neuropathy? I've tried so many things with little to no success. I also went thru stem cell transplant. They now want to put me on a maintenance plan. Does anyone have recommendations on this?

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    My husband is 8 months since stem cell and is on revlamid maintenance plan. No reaction in his hands and feet. He’s only been on it for 2 months, but took a higher dose prior to his transplant. His biggest struggle is the impact on his platelets, but they are monitoring them and unless they get below 30,000 he will stay on it. His biggest issue is still the pain in his lower back which may be due to the cancer destroying his bones. Waiting for a PET scan to insure the cancer hasn’t come back, but hopefully the pain is not due to that. I’d go with the maintenance plan and hopefully you have a good medical team for support!🙂

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    Hi there

    My husband had a stem cell transplant at 47, and says he would do it again if needed. Yes, it was hard, but he has had 4 1/2 years of being in remission. His numbers did Spike ip a bit last time at labs, but we know it can be par off course. We are just grateful for the success he has had this far.

    We talked with his doctors a ton about options, and felt comfortable with this route.

    Please feel free to ask any more transplant specific questions. Also, has some excellent resources too.