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I have a car that I would like to donate to a cancer related charity. Does anyone have any suggestions for such a charity? The American Cancer Society does not accept vehicle donations as of January 2011. Thanks for your help.


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    Have you checked with Susan
    Have you checked with Susan G Koman?
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    Is it drive-able or is it a
    Is it drive-able or is it a clunker?

    If it's just a bit older but a safe daily driver you could advertize it for sale stating that the money was goign to the ACS (or whatever charity). If it is a real junker then yu could contacta private hauler, explain to them that all funds from it were being donated towhat agency - they woul probably take it to the crushers for nothing of just gas money. I know Son or Hubby would on our car trailer and several others with car traukers tht wuld fir charuty, These are not the big tow companies but just good ole boyz n galz with car trailers

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    Thanks for the suggestions
    Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I will be working on this next week. Unfortunately the car is no longer driveable. I will be glad to have it off of my driveway. IRENE
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    Looking for prostate cancer charities...

    I would like to donate my old car to some sort of cancer research charity, preferably prostate cancer since my dad just survived it. I have been looking at Breast Cancer Car Donations though and they seem to make the process extremely easy. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be happy to check them out, or if you're interested in the breast cancer charity, you can check them out here:

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    Hello - I would like to donate old Odyssey 2002 Van. Please let me know the process. [Edited by CSN Support Team]



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    Is there anyone donating any vehicles?

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    They take donations & a good cause!