Uterine Carcinosarcoma

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Are there any uterine carcinosarcoma survivors here?


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    Yes, but I see you're "deleted", so I'm not sure what that means. CMB who organizes the uterine cancer pages is also a survivor of GCS/MMMT and is an incredibly valuable resource.

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    I just got uterine biopsy results that say “ cytologic atypia” and suspected tubal metaplasia”. I am also a recent stage 1 lung cancer survivor(dxd 3/23 and surgery 4/5). I’ve been all over the internet and also met w the gyne oncologist today who says a hysterectomy is warranted. Ok fine I’m 55. Has anyone out there had this issue? I initially thought it wasn’t cancer/was low risk but the MD said it could be 50/50?! I am seen at Cancer Tx center of America in I’ll. Any input is appreciated thanks

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    I'm sorry it looks like no one saw your post. I hope you found the information you were looking for. Otherwise, post again, we will see you.