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Good evening all! I am about to start 10 days of radiation on Monday. I have been doing chemo for 3 months and I am scared. I've lived with lupus for 17 years, but was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma Labor Day. A bone marrow transplant is next and that definitely scares me. Thank you for hearing me out.


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    Good evening, I too have multiple myeloma and has completed chemo and is waiting for the date for transplant. I was a bit scared initially but after researching the process, I am a bit more comfortable. Since we are in this together, let us keep strong and use this forum to support each other as best as possible. I believe you will be ok.

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    Message of hope.

    My mom was diagnosed in 2000 and received an autologous stem cell transplant for MM. She decided to fight. It was a difficult first year but every year after she grew stronger. She got a new hip from where the cancer had deteriorated the bone. She got some lower back discs fused.

    My mom just passed last week, from a lung infection and other complications unrelated to cancer. She lived 23 years post diagnosis, got to meet her 2nd and 3rd Grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She told me, when she decided to fight, that cancer wasn’t taking her- and it didn’t.

    Put your mind into fight mode. You can win. You will win. We are all rooting for you. Be blessed.

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    Thanks for the encouragement Dakemo. I am fighting it and know I have already won the battle.

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