Trying to find a plastic surgeon for reconstructive breast surgery in Nashville TN

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Hello. My name is Sharon. My oncologist told me to find a chat room to see if anyone can tell me anything about the plastic surgeons at Vanderbilt breast center. I tried one in Knoxville and he just came up with excuses not to do it like saying I had radiation so he can't. Most cancer patients do get radiation. Any how, I've been to Vanderbilt for other things and worked out great. They have 4 surgeons at that location in Nashville. I'm willing to go 2 hours away to find someone good. I live in Crossville TN. I had triple negative breast cancer back in April 2011. I'm finally wanting to do this since I have been in remission over 10 years.

Also, has anyone had reconstructive surgery done and did you have implants or your body fat injected into your breast? How was your results and recovery?

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    I had breast reconstruction and had implants. I did not have the fat injections. The doctor said he prefers implants. :)

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    Which doctor did you go to, if you don't mind me asking?

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    I'm sorry. It is in South Carolina. Unless you dont mind the drive :)

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    I had some fat injected and the work was done well. I liked the results, and the recovery was pretty quick. If you kept looking for a doctor who could do it, it would help you, because it's hard to live with damaged breasts. I had a hard time accepting myself, I thought about it all the time. I couldn't get anyone physically involved, and that was a big disappointment.

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    Hi Sharon. I am currently being treated by Vanderbilt for my breast cancer and recon surgery. The plastics doc I have is Dr. Lauren Conner. I currently have expanders and will have the recon surgery in the spring of 2023. So far, i have been completely pleased with Dr. Conner. As well as all the docs/nurses I have been seeing.