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Hello, my mom was diagnosed in September with metastatic cancer -- ovarian to peritoneal.  She was not a candidate for surgery and had one round of chemo, following that the oncologist advised that given her weakened state the option to pursue was palliative management, therefore, no further chemo treatments following the first one.  She is currently living with me and my family.  She had a PleurEx catheter inserted for home drain of ascites.   Here is the confusing part for my family.  Previously, the fluid was building up every 24-48 hours causing pain and discomfort, with this permanent drain the fluid isn't building up nearly as quickly (I suppose that means this treatment method of keeping comfortable is working), however, in a call with the oncologist last week, he told her she had weeks to a couple months remaining, 2 months we have never seen her feel better...her appetite is fantastic, her mobility is better in terms of walking around, she isn't napping nearly as much, so we are is her current condition indicative of 2 months left???  Are there any similar experiences?  Is this the calm before the storm? 


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    Post Chemo Treatment


    I had a radical hysterctomy in April 2021 followed by 6 cycles of  Adjuvant carbo/taxol my last treatament was October 8th CT Scan clear CA125 went from 4200 pre-surgery to 8 after treatment. My question is that  I'm noticing slight night sweats I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this post treatment if its ones body getting rid of the chemicals or the decline in estrogen levels.   

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    rustyk, if you had a radical

    rustyk, if you had a radical hysterectomy it probably threw you in to early menopause which would explain the night sweats.  There is no time line for when they will come/go, etc. 

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    what a wonderful son you are

    what a wonderful son you are, willie49!  Your mom is a statistic of one.  If she feels good and is getting around - go with that.