Biopsy for clustered calcifications

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My wife had several biopsies for irregular clustered calcification.

why so many?  we are very anxious and could use some support and

explanation what the odds are and possible prognosis.  Tks


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    Hi rjh18,

    Hi rjh18,

    I am sorry to hear your wife is going through that.  I had two biopsies on my right side for similar issue.  It's really difficult to say what the possible prognosis is because everyone is different.  I had clustered calcifications as well and it came back at first as DCIS: Ductal carcinoma in situ which is before it invades outside of the breast ducts and is a stage zero.  I asked many questions and made sure I truly understood everything there was to know.  I had an MRI after the biopsies to see if there was another type of cancer.  After my recent bilateral mastectomy, the pathology came back as IDC: invasive ductal carcinoma and DCIS.  They caught it early and it did not go into my lymph nodes.  Now your wife might have a completely different situation.  

    Clustered calcifications can just mean that: just calcifications that have not turned into any cancer.  I have found that this isn't the best website for support.  There have been just a few wonderful people who have responded to my inquiries and I very much appreciated it.  I understand your need to get feedback and support.  I recommend checking out CancerConnect website.  People are friendly and supportive.  Good luck to you guys.