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    ooOh! That's really interesting!

    Thanks for the post Cindi. I'm definitely going to have to ask my GI doctor about this when I see her next. I've been resisting my primary's suggestion to take this for arthritis in one of my knees (limits how far I can walk without starting to limp), so maybe this is a reason to reconsider. I just don't like how long the list of potential side effects you need to be on guard for is.

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    It's a phase 1 trial for only

    It's a phase 1 trial for only 6 months, that measured certain inflammation markers, not actual cancer outcomes. I'd say it might serve to make you feel better about a choice you had already made for other reasons, but isn't any kind of evidence to take the drug for that purpose. These kind of findings routinely disappear on further study or the balance of pros and cons are found to be worse. They're interesting for sure.


    I have a type of inflammatory bowel disease called microscopic colitis, and NSAIDs are one of the triggers, which made this study interesting to me. I think aspirin is thought to reduce colon cancer risk, and yet other types of IBD (and other chronic inflammatory states) can cause increased risk of cancer. Our bodies are so complicated. 

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    Thanks, Cindi....

    ......For keeping us posted on new possibilities.   I've been choosing Naproxen for occasional general aches & pains based on this info.     My Lynch mismatch is msh6 & I'm due for a colonoscopy soon.   Any advice on getting through the liquid fast day and/or prep?

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    Hi Elle31. I have a

    Hi Elle31. I have a colonoscopy every 2 years. The worst part of it is the prep. And, it isn't as bad as you might think it will be. I have to say, the first one for me was the hardest because they gave me that gallon of stuff to drink. Never again! They have better clean out options now. Still not fun, but doable. The liquid fast is more a mind of matter kind of thing. Drinking hot liquids is very helpful. I use an organic chicken broth. And, I make jello which makes you feel like you are eating something.

    I am also msh6.  I have a feeling there are way more of us out there than is known.

    You will be fine! The day of your procedure is really not a big deal. You sleep through it and wake up feeling nothing bad.

    Love and Hugs,


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    I have a comment and a

    I have a comment and a question.

    Comment:  as surgery prep was a clean out, the best advice I got from a friend prior to her colonscopy was, "If you feel like you have to fart, go to the bathroom"  (Sorry if that is too graphic for everyone)

    Question:  Does anyone have the name of the Facebook uterine cancer page they can share?  Truly, a friend of a friend of mine was dx with UPSC.  When I spoke to her last night she was interested in the FB group, but I don't FB.  Thanks in advance all!

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    Colonoscopy Prep

    I'm another MSH6 – Lynch member. I have an endoscopy/colonoscopy every two years too. Frankly, none of the concoctions I've been given to take before the procedure have ever worked as well or as quickly as the one I used for my first colonoscopy many years ago. But that product was banned since some people developed kidney problems after using it. Since then I've used both prescription and/or non-prescription methods, depending upon the doctor doing the procedure.

    However, I've found it helpful to reduce the bulk in my colon a few days before starting the prep by following a low fiber diet. Here's a link that explains the process:

    Otherwise, like Cindi, I drink broth (I prefer the beef flavor) and eat jello the day before.

    I've become used to this whole process since I also get severe diarrhea from the contrast solution that I take before a CT-scan. So I do a modified colon prep before each of those as well.