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Well, I had my follow-up over the phone for my prostate results with a NP at Levine Cancer Institute.  PSA was undetectable which I posted on this site when I got it.  She asked me how was my flow?  I said fine.  She asked was I continent?  I said I was (no thins, pads, or diapers) at this time.   Then, we talked a little and she asked me how is my sex life?  I waited a second or two, and told her everytime I can catch her, but she is awfully fast.  My weight is 162.8; BP 136/78; Pulse 60; Oxygen 99.  My RP was 3/2018.  So far, I continue to be in remission.  My wife and I still Yoga and still go camping.  For the most part I feel good.  So, the journey continues.  The beast presented some trials and tribulations initially, but at this time I am doing fine.


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    Diet, exercise, meds, supplements, etc. keep it the way you have it now.

    May your dominance over the PCa beast continue, for a worry free journey for you. (Amen)



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    you always have sence of humor. 
    Congrats on 3 years anniversary And achieving a trifecta. i am glad for you.

    Hope for many good results in years to come.


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    Good news

    Keep it coming!

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    Good luck with continued undetectable PSA readings.  Great to hear life has returned to a normal for you. Just got my 6 yr. PSA report and it was undetectable also.  Keep on keepin on..............

    Dave 3+4

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    Yoga and camping

    Yes, good life indeed. Hope the travelling continues and that one day you camp on Mars.



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    Great News

    I will toast your success, Lighterwood, tonight with a glass or 2 of red wine.

    I wish you continued great outcomes on your PCa journey.