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Three years ago, I faced a nearly totally obstructive colon tumor and I did not know if I would live a day, a month or a year.  After surgery and a not too happy course of chemo, I have managed to make it through my three year CT and blood tests with no evidence of cancer.  There have been side-effects and challenges, some of which are ongoing, but I am lucky enough to live a relatively normal life. 

One of my passions is hiking the Grand Canyon, and I was lucky enough to make three rim to rim to rim hikes (essentially back-to-back marathons) last year, and I hope, as long as health, money, hotel reservations (and coronavirus!) work out this year, to do as many or more this Summer.  Added to that, I have done regular rim to river to rim hikes over the year (R2R2R season for me is 5/15 to 10/15).  I recognize that some on this board have not had the same advantages as me, and my heart bleeds for them.  But I also want to give people who are on the front end of this disease the hope that life after colon cancer can be satisfying.

I contemplate mortality every day.  This helps me to strive to be a friendly presence on the trail and in life in general.  I have included a photo that was briefly my profile photo.  It is from a rim to rim to rim hike at sunrise on the Colorado River.  Not apparent in the photo is this means that I got up around 12:30am and hit the trail at 3:00am.  I have nine miles behind me and fifteen more to go.  I hope that all of you can find the meaning, challenges and satisfaction in life that I have, even after cancer.  Cheers.




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    That is so totally awesome! I

    That is so totally awesome! I'm so glad that cancer hasn't beat you!


    I'm still struggling to find what my new meaning of life is, and I look forward to the day when it hits me. 

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    Celebration Time!

    And that can only mean one thing - HAPPY DANCING MAN image  imageimage  one for each year.

    He has been very quet lately, and so happy to be out and dancing his happy dance. The dance we are all doing for your three years of NED. 

    May you see many a mile of canyon in life ahead.  So many joys to be experienced. This morning, I had a Coyote share the trail with me. Yesterday, 10 Pronghorn. Ah, life in the great outdoors is.....well, GREAT. 


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    On so many levels. That whole 12:30 thing hitting the trail at 3:30 though. not sure about that time in the morning Laughing (I'm lazy, on triathlon race day I am usually up at 4AM)  

    Congrats again, great news.


    image  TN.gif

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    It is so good to hear

    It is so good to hear positive journeys!  Thank you.  AND, good to see you back here :)

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    When I lived in Tucson. i used to hike in the mountains.  My last hike was when I fell crosing a lightly sanded boulder.  Broke my glasses, brused my forhead. and I was still a mile away from the car to get home.  Keep hiking and stay NED as I have for the last 9 years!!  Good lucK!

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    Congrats Sandia, three years

    Congrats Sandia, three years clear is awesome, hiking is wonderful, wish I could do as much. Enjoy your path....................................................Dave

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    Wonderful! This cancer is

    Wonderful! This cancer is horrible but it’s not kept you down. 

    Good on ya!


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    Awesome and congratulations.  You have a lot to celebrate and how great it is doing something you love so much.  The picture is amazing. 


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    I want to hije too! I love outdoors. I also want to go visit home in Europe and see my mom and daddy. But I can t because I am sick with cancer.

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    Congratulations! You are

    Congratulations! You are awesome!


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    Congrats !

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and supportive posts! Hope someday to cross paths on a hike somewhere!

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    I wish I had your lungs. Laughing  I have the will, but not the stamina.  I look forward to the post in 3 more years.

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    Thank you

    Thank you one and all for your kind comments.