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Well, I had my PSA test the other day.  I got the results today <0.1 nanograms per milliliter.  The total PSA value from this assay system is standardized against the WHO standard.The test result will be approximately 20% lower when compared to the equimolar-standardized total PSA (Beckman Coulter). Comparison of serial PSA results should be interpreted with this fact in mind. This test was performed using the Siemens chemiluminescent method. My status as of today: fully continent; ED holding at around 75% with no add-ons. I do have a left inguinal hernia, which may or may not have been caused by the surgery. I go for a second opinion on that in about 2 weeks. Thanks to all you folks who contribute to this site. You folks have helped me. For that I am truly grateful. I keep quality of life issues in front of me. I am good for now. Smile, I am.


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    Great to Read

    Time to celebrate!

    I wish you the continued best of outcomes.

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    Great news

    Good news Lighterwood, hopefully many more undectables  in the future.

    Dave 3+4

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    Great news on your PSA

    Great news on your PSA results.

    Even better news is that you regained 75% of your pre RP erectile function. To me, that is better sounding outcome then PSA result. 

    That is what drives your QoL and makes it enjoyable Day after day. Just knowing that you can pop one up when opportunity knocks, is great feeling and gives you joy even if you are not using it every day.

    Or maybe, that it is just my unfoftfeeld wish.

    I am glad that you recovered all 3 function to your total satisfaction.


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    day by day.  congrats.  i hope to experience some of ur success.

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    Another Zeroooo



    That is wonderful. Here is another zero to be celebrated. I guess that Woody is also smiling.

    And we will join the party. Let’s smile ….