Round 2 tomorrow

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after the problems last week I am so nervous for this round. He has to see the Dr today she will be away tomorrow. In the hospital she told him it was just a reaction to the chemo but today she said she thinks he did have pancreatitis.  Honestly, it's so frustrating to keep getting different answers. So she decided to take the Irinotecan out of the mix this time, she thinks it caused it.  I hope that she is right because I am afraid if it happens again I think I will have a very hard time getting him to do it again. Her plan is still 4 treatments to shrink it up, resection, more chemo. I just hope eliminating that drug still does it. He will just be getting folfox and Avastin. It's going to be a long week. 


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    Wishing him luck

    And hoping tomorrow goes off without any problems. 

    Be good to yourself in the process. The stress for caregivers can be bad. 


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    Hoping all goes well tomorrow

    and that the new combo  works better for him. As Tru said, take care of yourself, too.


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    Heartfelt best wishes

    Hoping your husband stays strong and has zero (or minimal) side effects.  And like others have already said, please take care of yourself.  Remember how tough life could be before the big C entered our lives?  Yeesh.  I knew nothing about tough.

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    Thank you ladies!

    Beth and Grace, how are you two feeling?

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    16 days since surgery

    Hi, Ruth. I am still really weak.  Got pretty sick Monday night from pain meds and it set me back a bit.  Met with surgeon today and got my staples removed.  They got 'all' the cancer near the big tumor.  Chemo is probably next and I am really scared of the infusions.  Trying to focus on the good stuff.  

    How did your day go??

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    Wishing the Best

    Wishing the best for this treatment.  Hope that he tolerates it better this time.