6 month post prostatectomy/diverticulotomy

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I'm new here, so here is a little history.  I am 70 years old recovering from a combined prostatectomy and diverticulotomy.  I have a fairly complicated history of bladder issues.  I have had some incontinence problems for some time.  Nine years ago, I had green light prostate surgery which helped my retention some, but not the incontinence much.  I also have/had several bladder diverticulum; one about the size of a grapefruit...urologists words.  I have had numerous tests, tried about every kind of med, and still continue to have a variety of stress and urge incontinence.  After all these tests, the final ones (urodynamic studies, true biopsy, mri. etc), it was determined I had gleason score 7 prostate cancer.  I opted to have a robotic prostatectomy combined with a diverticulotomy.  Since then, I still leak quite a bit...some days are better than others.  I also feel that I'm retaining more than I should.  I continue to wear diapers...cloth at night, disposable during the day or a padden brief with diaper cover.  Since I have managed in this way before my surgery, I am comfortable and used to wearing a diaper.  I don't want to use a catheter...did once and gave myself a terrible infection.  I also don't want to be subjected to any other appliances, devices, etc.  Maybe I'm giving up, but I don't see any of these devices are any more discreet or comfortable than a diaper.  I have my 6 month check up in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure my urologist will suggest some of  these alternative approaches.  I'm hoping he will understand why I choose to manage as I am.  I really don't want any more invasions "done under".  I do, however, wonder about cancer returning.  I am having some pretty severe back pain.  Could that be connected with the prostatectomy?  I also have lumbar stenosis.  How do I know what is causeing the pain.  I'm probably missing some thing, but that is pretty much where I am.  Am I wrong to manage as I am?


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    Men at this forum have had reported success with an AMS 800 device. You may wish to explore this option that you as a 70 year old, who hopefully will enjoy many years in the future may explore




    Having regular PSA's will indicate if there is prostate cancer recurrance.....You did not mention your PSA history after surgery.


    I have spinal stenosis. A 3T MRI will indicate what is going in in your back..  Rcommend that you see a pain management doc to evaluate your situation.