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    Effects of Mantel Radiation in the 1980s

    I am a 58 yo female.  I had HL in early 80s at age of 22.  I went through the mantel radiation to chest, neck, and abdomin.  Year later hospitalized with double pneumonia which really started my downhill battle with scarred lungs.  At 43 I recieved a heart double-bypass for blocked arteries with no history of heart disease in the family.  Year later thyroidectomy for cancer of the thyroid.  2007 diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer and treated with radiation/chemo.  Pet scan revealed not only lung cancer but a totally seperate cancer in the back of the abdomin near the spleen (second area of mantel radiation).  This cancer was treated after the lung treatments with cyberknife radiation.  Returned to work for a few years until shortness of breath diagonsed severe COPD, was such I went on long term disability.  2014 developed insitu breast cancer in both breast, radiation not an option underwent double masectomy.  And now I have just been diagonsed with return of lung cancer in both lungs.  Tumors are in the apex of the lungs.  Right lung tumor is growing around and squeezing the right main brochus.  Pet scan was a few days ago, I am scheduled for biopsy in 2 weeks.  Honestly, I keep telling myself the mantle radiation saved my life and allowed me to have a pretty good life surrouned by family and friends, but damn this is getting tiresome.  Embarassed.    But I plan on tackling this one day at a time and to continue to have hope.  What else can I do?


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    sal1993 said:

    Breathing Problems

    I received the most radiation 23 years ago for hodgkins lymphoma. Currently, I have been diagnosed with radiation heart disease (cardiopmyopathy) and now I have difficulty breathing with any amount of exerting energy. Dr.'s cannot figure out why. Anyone else experiencing these problems or know a Dr. who can help? I have very little energy, constant dry cough, and no appetite.

    Hodgkin's in 1991-92

    I had hodgkin's about the same time and I have aortic stenosis that came on fairly quickly.  I am ok now, but at the rate its been narrowing, I will need valve replacement in a year, give or take.  You wrote this years ago, how are you now?