Insurance companies are ridiculous

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in my last post I had said my husband's CEA has crept up from 1.34 to 4.88. He is stage 4 with a liver resection for two mets last October. MRI in May  showed an 8mm non specific enhancing nodule at the hepatic flexure adjacent and inferior to the resection margin. Onc ordered a PET insurance denies it saying there is not enough to warrant it. Furiuos does not even begin to cut it, they said he has to have a ct scan first then if they see something they will allow the pet.  More time lost, more money spent. Now today my husband told me he is having a on and off stabbing pain right where his liver is. I am a nervous wreck, but trying to hold it together. 


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    It is sad to say, but it really seems like standard procedure for insurances to deny a PET scan. Both of mine have been denied, so my Oncologist told me to go ahead and get them, and they would fight the insurance company for me. Thank God I did, as the CT Scan did not pick up on my liver tumour, but the PET scan did. 

    Good luck with the PET, I know it will be cleared at some point. I hope your it comes out celar, but the not knowing could possibly be causing your husband's pain.  The mind can play tricks on the body, I know because it happens to me all of the time. So, here's hoping that the pain goes away and all it is is stress caused. 

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