Lung biopsy update "there's good news and bad news"

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Jim's surgeon had him come in today for his post surgery x-Ray. He also had final lung biopsy results. He said he didn't have confidence in the first lab results, so the sent his samples to The University of Louisville, which is the lab that found his cancer 3 years ago. They compared it to his slides from 2011 and determined that the spots on his lungs were a metastasis from his jaw cancer. Not the news we were especially wanting to hear, but honestly not surprising to me. I just didn't have a great feeling about the initial results. I am just happy the surgeon went with his gut and went above and beyond to make sure we had accurate results. As far as treatment, we are finished. Surgery for sarcoma is surgery, and since they removed the tumors during the biopsy and had clear margins, he doesn't have to have any other treatment. We can now just live life and keep an eye on the lungs to make sure there aren't any further spots. God is good and will take care of us. Thanks to all you warriors out there for your encouraging words and prayers. 



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    I meant to say Treatment for

    I meant to say Treatment for sarcoma is surgery.  Darn these 46 year old eyes!

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    squeeze the good news for all it is worth


    I agree (we should all) live life.


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    tracy, i'm glad you are both

    tracy, i'm glad you are both living life.  i'm glad you have a proactive doc and that you can rest knowing he will do what's best for your hubby. 

    God bless you,


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    Hi Tracey


    All we can do at times is to pray that God will lead the hands of our doctors.


    With me everything is about Faith



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    Some good and some not so good.

    It is good that you have a doctor that questioned and took it to another lab. It's always great to have a doctor you have fath in and he has compassion as well. May all your tomorrows be better.