Has any one developed "lymphoedema in the leg after treatment. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago with lymph nodes removed and recently I have developed lymphoedema in my one leg. I can manage the swelling but the pain in the top of my leg is excruciating.


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    Hope you see this response!

    Fran66, it may not be your cancer, but I would recommend you asking on the Uterine or Ovarian chat page too. 

    I developed lymphodemia after my complete hysterectomy and lymph node removal.  I had therapy and now wear compression garments, fitted by a physical therapist who specializes in lymphoemia from cancer surgery.

    As your gyn/onc or onc to recommend a therapists who can help you.

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    Leg Lymphedema after cancer treatment

    I have had Lymphoedema in my left leg for 12 years now .. I had uterine cancer .. Radical hysterectomy , nodes removed, followed by radiation.. I wear a compression stocking and in the past have done complex bandaging and MLD treatment plus laser therapy to get the swelling down.. Then get fitted for a stocking.. This year I had a Lymph node transfer from neck to knee to help with the Lymphoedema... It takes a couple of years to see results as the nodes have to grow and develop in the new area.. This a link to the blog I am writing about Lymphoedema with articles on self help videos and latest surgery etc there is a lot on how to care for your Lymphoedema ..hope it helps.

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    I have lymphedema from breast cancer surgery. I wear compression sleeves and sometimes gloves. I have severe nerve damage pain, so wearing a special bra for lymphedema around my chest area is difficult,especially since I have new nerve damage pain from a July 2013 Left Thoracotomy. 

    I do MLD at home, but if I am having a particularly bad flareup, I go back to my occupational therapist. 

    Lymphedema can be painful, but you could have some nerve damage going as well. Lymphedema pain and swelling on top of nerve damage pain exacerbates the pain. 

    My nerve damage pain signs are burning, prickling, numbness, skin hypersensitivity.

    My lymphedmea pain is usually aching or a steady heavy pain. I have had both since 1/11/11 and I am pretty good act knowing which it is now.

    Please talk to your doctor or surgeon. Let them know exactly where your pain is, use very descriptive words to describe your pain (burning, aching, hard pain, etc), when it is worse, when it is better and what makes it worse or better.

    The more specific information you give your doctor, the better they can help you. I always write things down that I want to remember to tell the doc. I find if I don't, I always leave there remembering something I forgot to tell them.

    Here are some good websites for Lymphedema Information: (I especially favor this one it is very patient friendly and packed full of information to use)