Symptoms of Skin Cancer

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Can any one tell me clearly the symptoms of skin cancer? My girl friend have pimples having brick reddish circles around it.
Skin Cancer
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Endometrial Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer


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    Benefits of Sunlight

    Skin cancer can occur on any part of the body, but areas that are most at risk are those which are most exposed to the sun, such as your face, neck, legs and arms.
    One of the said major causes why it is happening is over exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun or sunbeds. Though age is another risk factor, however, one in three people diagnosed with melanoma are those 55 ages and below. However, let's not forgot about the great benefit of sunlight in our health too.

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    I retired from 20 yrs. at ACS and organized skin screenings along the coast of NJ from Sandy Hook to Cape May.

    I just found melanoma on my scalp. It has been biopsied and I have had scalp removal and a skin graft. It is being treated with immunology currently.

    I was asked by another woman about Meckel Cell Carcinoma and was researching to find out more about it specifically for her.

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    That’s how my spindle cell carcinoma started. Have her get to a dermatologist.

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    Yes, that was the first item I directed. She is currently having radiation where she lives.

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