This is spot on!

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This is a great article in the huffington post, I wish I would have read this at the
time of my diagnosis.It is spot on




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    Loved the articles
    Love the guy talking about cancer math. Made me laugh. Huffington Post is a great medium for anything that's ANYTHING.

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    Wow, he gets it.
    I liked the article too. It is just how I feel right now.
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    I love this article. He was able to put into words what many of us has experience, and he did do it spot on.

    I am kind of glad that I went thru this blind! The parts like changing friendships, learning who can handle walking this journey with me, learning when I can't sleep during the night that I am really not alone. It all forced me to make huge changes in myself, to rely on the strengths and love of others, to know I didn't always have to be strong, as well as really feel the presence of God in my life.

    So many little things that were taken for granted, took on new meaning! Especially the joy in giving and loving.

    Thanks Ayse!
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    LOVED the article! Thank you
    LOVED the article! Thank you for sharing!
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    I appreciate the article you suggested - it's very good! Right on - I found the part about finding who you can count on sure rung true for me. I have a brother that's disappeared - no explanation. Hurts pretty bad. But obviously, I'm not alone.

    Thank you!
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    Thank you for posting. I
    Thank you for posting. I passed it along to a friend who asked me dos and don'ts on what to say to her SIL, newly diagnosed with BC. I thought if she could see the feelings we have, it would help her.