very overwhelmed right now

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It didn't really hit me until today. Took mom who is 70 to chemo yesterday. She was on round 6 of how many we dont know. This is the 2nd time she has gone through chemo. First set of chemo she struggled(almost anaphalyxis state) with the taxol so they give it to her really slow takes about 4 hours to get it in her. So this time around they give it slow again well yesterday she began having a reaction to the carbo. It kills me to see her get these drugs into her body and now not tollerate them. What would the next option be no more chemo and just watch her die. She has the best attitude ever but i however can't stop crying. I no longer sleep listening for her or my father who is also not in the best of health. I work to support them financially as they are both on a fixed income. I don't have a high paying job at all and her bills are piling up. Just having the moment of helplessness.


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    Hello and welcome to you and your mom. I was a caregiver for my dad, Ray. He fought EC for 16 mos and passed away peacefully on March 9, 2010 when the cancer went to his liver. I have learned very much through our journey with cancer. I learned to not play the "what ifs" game. I learned to go with my gut feelings. I learned to look at my dad's quality of life. He did not have one the last 3 mos. Sounds like your mom is similar. Quality outweighs quanity. If she can not handle this type of chemo, ask her drs. if they can change it. Is she able to have surgery? What stage is her cancer? Hang in there and do the best you can. Ask lots of questions and make sure you get the answers. Hope this helps. Keep in touch.
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