25 yr old husband with possible renal cancer

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My husband is 24yrs old and had a 4.5cm mass found on his kidney 3 months ago. The radiologist and urologist decided it was a complex cyst, and we needed to rescan in 3 months. Well...the urologist called today and said the radiologist was more concerned this time, so a total nephrectomy is coming up. We meet with the urologist next week to talk surgery. I am just feeling really scared and unsure. To make matters almost worse, I am an ICU nurse at the hospital where the surgery will be. The urologist said it hadn't metastasized or changed in size on the recent CT, so I am still not sure what happened to make him change his mind about removing it. I was going to ask about removing the kidney at the next appointment anyway because even a complex cyst that size makes me nervous. Being a nurse, I have seen how horrible things like this can get, and it scares me even more. I have to act like it is not big deal to my husband, so he doesn't get scared. We also have a 6 month old daughter. I guess I am just really down and worried tonight :(

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    Hang In There
    As a nurse you are picturing all the possible problems. That's something we all do, nurse or not, but you know more than many of us so you are probably picturing more possible problems. Try to take this one day at a time. If there are complications, deal with them when you have more concrete information. For now, try to spend as much time with your wonderful family as you can. Don't let worries about future posibliities ruin your now. I know that is not easy, but try to push those worries aside and hug your husband and daughter. Today is the most important day in your life. You won't get a second chance to live it. I may be wrong, but I'll bet you husband is already a little scared. Talk to him. I'm wishing you both many blessings. Hope all goes well. Come here for support. Fay