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I'm 61. I was on active surveillance for two years. When my 3+4 turned to 4+3 and my PSA went to 10, they told me I was no longer a candidate for active surveillance.

I had a prostatectomy in early March. I wore Depends for at least six weeks, most of the time with a pad inside the Depends and sometime even with toilet paper stuffed around the edges if I was going somewhere. Three and a half months later, I'm down to two pads a day and can sleep through the night without any pad at all. I started pelvic floor physical therapy three weeks ago. I can tell it is helping a lot.

I take 5 mg of Cialis daily. I've had a few floppy erections that can't 'do the deed' but hopefully show signs of eventual recovery. I've masturbated (with a lot of concentration and lubricant) to a few of what I assume are my new orgasms. I still don't have any spontaneous or morning erections.

Things are definitely better. I hope they continue to do so.

All the best to anyone that reads this.


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    I’m glad I read this. I’ve been trying to get into pelvic floor therapy with no luck. There were so backed up even bother to call me back, but I’m gonna push it now. Thank you.

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    Check out prostatectomy kegel exercises on YouTube

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    My urologist had me start doing pelvic floor therapy 8 weeks prior to surgery (7/11 ). I will let you know if this helps after my surgery,