Second Breast Cancer

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I was diagnosed and treated for stage IIIB HER2 positive breast cancer 14 years ago. I had a complete pathologic response to the ACTH chemo, but was left with permanent side effects, several of which are quite painful. I have just been diagnosed with stage IIIB triple negative breast cancer in my remaining breast. My problem is that I have seen 2 oncologists and both are recommending chemo with the same or same class of drugs that almost killed me in 2010. One wants to use 5 different drugs, 3 of which cause the same side effects I still have. I am particularly concerned that all three of the new drugs cause peripheral neuropathy which is one of my permanent side effects for which I still must take pregabalin to keep the pain at a manageable level. Has anyone gone through anything like this? I am coming apart and have no idea where to turn for help in making a decision as to whether or not I should even accept the chemo treatment.