Looking for a top notch salvage surgeon

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I’ll be proactive here. I’m only 62 cancer is back after almost 5 years after radiation. The PSMA scan came back stating that the tumor is still in the prostrate.psa 1.7 I think I may be a candidate for salvage surgery. I know it’s not done a lot and I know it’s risky, but what do I do breakytherapy therapy again didn’t work the first time why would it work this time cryotherapy maybe but I’m not too confident there either so I’m just wondering if anybody might know anyone that had salvage surgery done unfortunately the doctor I’m seeing is getting up there an age yes he’s an expert but he had two bad reviews lately one of them said his daughter saw his hand shaking so now I’m not too confident with this doctor he’s got to be probably in his mid-70s if not at 75 or 76 years old ..thanks


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    I know of a good surgeon in his thirties-fourties in the Cleveland, Ohio area if thats not too far. Dr. Lee Ponsky at University Hospitals Siedman cancer center. He did my surgery back in 2014, my Internist did not recommend anyone but him.

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    Where are you located?

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    Contact the closest recognized teaching hospital is always a good bet. I've been blessed to the have the department heads do 3xsurgery- 2x radiation from Northwestern, UCSF and UC DAVIS during the last 15 years...do a little research and call or email their clinics. These medical School doctors are available...