Getting BACK to living!!!!

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Hi all, just checking in. I am one year from my diagnosis now. My treatments ended in Sept 2022. I had a few really dark months and was unable to shake the fear of incontinece. My urgency kept me home and afraid to do much. It was creating more anxiety and messing up my household moral. None of us were able to work. Some on disability, some had run out. We were a mess!!!

I had a breakdown in March with my surgeon and nurse navigator. I had another down day in April with my Onc. He called my PCP and they started me on Wellbutrin. It took several days, but I STARTED TO HAVE CLEARER THINKING. I began to focus on my nutrition and my body became less achy and I felt able to move better, less joint pain. I did 8 weeks of physical therapy for my hips after radiation, and now I am in Pelvic floor theraphy. I now look for options instead of excuses.

Now it is July again and I am feeling strong, I am running and training for the 2023 Chicago Marathon. I am reclaiming my power!

I thought my life was over, feeling doomed to being a sad housebound middle aged lady who had lost all of her nest egg to cancer. Well, I am starting a new business and a part-time job as well. I have started to look for solutions that work for me, instead of searching for justification for my short-comings. I know how easy it can be to just stop trying because this horrific uncomfortable to talk about cancer paused my life for a while. But I am here to say NO MORE!!! Cancer had enough of my time and energy, I vow to continue to do better to reclaim my power and live my life.

LIFE is OUT there!!! GO get it!!!