3 vs 6 chemo?

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My oncologist says 3 to 6 chemo are needed and I am thinking to just end it at 3. I will be going on letrozole afterwards though for a long time. My cancer is highly hormonal, and I am hoping that the letrozole keeps it away (ca 125 is down since surgery 12 then 11 after 1 round of chemo). Has anyone here with endometroid low grade done only 3 of the chemo? I am stage 2b and was aggressively debulked. Right now I am feeling signs of endometriosis returning, I am doubting chemo can help me more than an estrogen lowering medicine. I will be discussing this with my dr soon but am interested in hearing of anyone else doing just 3.


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    Hey momschooling, the Ovarian page gets a little quiet. Did you post this on the Uterine page? I'm a visitor from there and they might have input.

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    Thank you, we decided to do scans and most likely stop at 3, then move to hormonal treatment if all looks good. My cancer is so highly hormonal it was a bit of a gamble hoping chemo might work vs being certain anti estrogen would definitely target it, so we did the minimum chemo and now I am waiting on scans very soon... Radiation is also on the table if needed.