Just Tuning In - Still Going ;)

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Like a couple of others, I am not around here as much with the new format. I take a look now and again but not do sign in often.

Anyway, still in drug trial and it is still working. No more major reductions in tumors, but basically they are all stable, with the tumors that are being monitored with slight reductions. Since I am able to breath, do not cough up blood, can exercise, I am fine with it being stable. My back pain is finally fully under control and I am reducing my pain meds by a lot.

Some numbness in front of legs, but I am trying to stretch and do others things. Considering they thought I was not going to make it through last summer (I was in REAL bad shape), no complaints from here. Try your best to stay as positive as possible, it helps and you never know what is coming down the road. I am in my 9th year and the things I have seen since my DX is impressive.

I will still check the board now and again and try to provide updates and/or add my two cents when I see posts where I think I can help out a bit.


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    Thanks for updating us and congratulations on your successes. Every day is precious.

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    Nice to hear from you again. It sounds like you’re doing much better than you were. My thoughts are with you New.

  • PamRav
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    Good to see you.

    So happy to here your trial is working . May this upcoming summer be better than the previous.


  • SnapDragon2
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    Good to read this update! Keep going........

  • Erica2016
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    Glad to here from you New I sometimes pop in here to see if you posted . I’m glad the trial is keeping you stable . You are the reason I picked up running in between chemo sessions . Be well …

  • feckcancer
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    Thank you for checking in. Fantastic news. So pleased the drug trial is working. keep doing whatever you are doing because its working! Stay well.

  • beaumontdave
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    Glad you're hanging in there, and it's all working in your favor, letting you do stuff, and get through all the side effects and other things. Even being NED doesn't mean the costs of living a physical work life don't accumulate with time, my mobility is taking a hit, leaving me on a kind of daily step count, which affects conditioning, etc. I'm not complaining though, I'm happy to hangout a while longer, and watch the world go by, lol. Thanks for checking in, and do keep on keeping on..........................................Dave

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    Good to hear from you, New.

    I may not have messaged you, but you're always thought about.

    Here is hoping that this coming summer - may winter end soon, be a good one, and see more improvement and less pain.


  • Helen321
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    Hey haven't been on in a while myself. The new format is TERRIBLE. Talk about use lr unfriendly. You can't find anyone. I'm glad to see your post!!! I'm so sorry you're in pain and dealing with so much but glad you made it over a hump. My Dr. Dr Andrea cerxek has come up with a med that got rid of rectal cancer in 18 people very quickly. Wveryone needs to google here. Shes at Sloan in NY . There is hope that a cure is coming. Too late for me since I had an APR but I wish it for all others. Love Helen