PSA and chemo

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I’m a 73yo Started journey in 2005. Watch your PSA. Once it started doubling the * hit the fan , but chemo has reduced the level . At 741.5, I was in pain after the first treatment the pain subsided no pain meds except cannabis.

So far I’ve had

  1. robotic prostatectomy
  2. radiation treatment
  3. hormone therapy
  4. Chemo. 7 scheduled 2 left
  5. implant AUS sphincter
  6. removal of AUS due to infection and erosion
  7. PSA currently 225
  8. 18 years of no sex
  9. return of incontinence
  10. Weakness and tired easily

Your mileage may vary and objects in mirror are closer than you think.


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    So sorry about the long road you had to travel.

    Best to start testing PSA after age 50 or so. Even earlier if family has a history of cancer(s).