Liver Lesion Growth Rate

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I am currently undergoing diagnostics to determine whether or not a lesion in my liver is a distant metastasis from an as yet unknown primary cancer. The following is quoted directly from the C/T report performed on 1/18/23:

"Hypodense lesion in the segment 6 of the RIGHT hepatic lobe measuring 2.4 cm (image 179/series 2), previously 1.8 cm. It is hypodense hypodense in both arterial and venous phases. This lesion could be metastatic, however, more definitive testing to consider is MRI with intravenous contrast."

The previous study was performed on 12/9/22 (*around 6 weeks prior). My questions are :

  1. Is this growth rate considered fast ?
  2. What distinguishes this lesion from the hemangiomas that are also present throughout my liver?

Going back in for a PET scan and needle biopsy this week so hopefully that will help me gain some clarity.

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