Large amount of blood found on urine dipstick

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Good Morning,

I’m a member of the endometrial cancer board. I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago. I have been in remission since. I went to urgent care for the flu. Covid test came back negative along with influenza A and B. Since I had a high fever of 103.3. I asked them to run a urine dipstick to make sure I did not have a UTI. I not did have ANY symptoms of a UTI. I’m a nurse and just wanted some reassurance of a dx since the PA freshly out of school was telling me she would be concerned if after a couple of days, my fever did not break that it could be related to cancer. My fever broke the next day !!

They urine dipstick study that was visually read by the radiology tech turned out to be positive for a large amount of blood. I have no visible blood in my urine . Has anyone had just a urine dipstick with visual inspection with a large amount of blood? If so, did this lead to your diagnosis of bladder cancer?

Thank you for allowing me to post of your Board. I wish you well.



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    I wish you well Denise. I am a new member.

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    Denise, did not have the dipstick situation as you did. Did have small amount of hematuria with first occurrence of bladder cancer. My PCP treated it with antibiotics for 6+ weeks, then my wife said nope, go to a Urologist. Quick cystoscopy showed a papillary tumor. A couple of TURBTs and immunotherapy with BCG and then Interferon sent it to remission for 16 years. At my 16th annual cystoscopy, Urologist saw something that he did not like, and it turned out to be a recurrence. A urine cytology confirmed it, as well as a follow up TURBT. There were zero symptoms prior to the cysto. Would not be a bad thing to get a urologist engaged earlier rather than later.

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    Hi I am very new here as of right now. I have had three different scenarios happen to me. one was a dip no visual but after scoped had high blood count. my first one had extreme visual for Blood content. My third was a large clot. after my biopsy and CAT scan I did indeed have stage 3 bladder cancer, started chemo week later and 6 months later a total bladder removal now with a Urostomy. It was quick, it was during Covid at the beginning, I was alone, I was scared my surgery was Dec 15, 2020 and I do not remember to much, too overwhelming...I am cancer free as of last month...hope this helps for the best!

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    I went to ER after urine was pure blood. Cat scan done was told to see a urologist asap as he saw a mass in bladder. I am 75 years a widow exceptual good health. No utis or other problems! Within 6 weeks told I have stage 3 invasive urothelial carcinoma! So they want to do chemo then bladder removal! Still deciding what to do!! Bladder cancer has no symptoms til blood in urine!!

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    Coldspringer, I wish you the best. I did see blood in urine back in September, 2022. I had a tumor in bladder removed, and an adjacent lymph node tested positive for cancer. I started chemo on Feb 1, with minimal negative effects. I am 60, male, and in good health as you. Reach out for more info if you wish.