Possible Causes?

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I was told they don’t know what causes astrocytoma‘s. So I’ve had to develop my own ideas about what might have caused my massive grade ii astrocytoma to start growing around 2008.

Here they are…

  • living next to orange groves sprayed with roundup
  • working on the computer 8-16 hours a day for years
  • speaking on the cell phone against my ear for hours every day
  • stress / financial stress / relationship stress (abuse)
  • coming off of a really restrictive diet onto a normal unhealthy diet

Anyone else have any similarities? Or other ideas?

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  • cherrymom
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    I’ve wondered the same thing. The only thing I have in common with your list is the cell phone, but not hours a day. I was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma in 2005 when I was 8 weeks pregnant with my daughter who is now 17. She was born with hydrocephalus but they told me it was unrelated to my condition. I was also told that the tumor was benign and slow growing so there’s no way of knowing when it started. It presented with seizures and since I was pregnant and it was slow growing we didn’t do any treatment other than medication for the seizures. I had a resection in 2007 and had unexpected side effects. I was paralyzed on my left side (tumor is in the right frontal lobe near the pre motor skills area). My recovery took 7 weeks in facilities. The following year, in 2008, I had another baby and was doing good (with only minor seizures sporadically) for another 9 years. In October 2016, my left arm started weakening. On Oct. 28 I went to ER and they discovered the tumor had grown significantly! I had my 2nd resection done in early November 2016. The surgery was successful and I only spent 2 weeks in intensive rehab at RIO (Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon), then had some in-home PT. I was almost back to walking unassisted when I fell and broke my ankle. I was in a wheelchair for a couple years, then graduated to a walker. I’ve been using a walker since summer of 2019. I had chemo radiation in 2017 for 6 weeks followed by 1 year of just chemo taking Temodar. I had periodic scans for years and was at 5+ years when they found some new growth. It was very small and slow growing so I had time to figure out what to do for treatment. Since I had responded well to the Temodar I decided to do that again. I’m also doing a homeopathic regimen which studies have shown to kill GBM. I’m starting Temodar round 3 of 6 this week and just had an MRI. I see my oncologist next week.

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    Jinjee, I have lost my husband to Glioblastoma on December 1, 2022. He was a salesman who constantly had his cell phone next to his ear. He was constantly being pushed to meet his sales goals for the year and had lots of stress that was caused by his employers required goals. Those are the two common ones, but I would like to ask you. Do you have cold sores? Or did you ever have meningitis? I do remember an episode when my husband had terrible headaches where the ER admitted him to determine what he had by doing a spinal tap and was diagnosed with meningitis. I HATE CANCER!!!!