Lung issues 10 years after Ivor Lewis surgery

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My husband is a 10 year survivor, with minimal negative quality of life issues. He had the Ivor Lewis full removal of his esophagus. However, apparently after intermittent reflux through the years, last year he developed a lung absess (infection) which made him very sick. (They thought it could be lung cancer at first view of the CT scan, so it could be worse.) He was put on a prescription reflux medication because he probably got this from aspirating food. Also,heavy antibiotics to kill the infection and the absess decreased in size. We are not sure it ever went away completely because he has started having the symptoms again 10 months later and sure enough, the CT scan showed the old one, plus some opacities in his other lung. He was told to see the pulmonolgist asap. Of course he can't get an appt until January! They are trying to work him in. Seems like this could be serious.

I am just wondering if any other survivors have experienced this and what the corrective treatment might be. Thank you.


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    Hi Beth,

    I have no personal experience with this issue, but as your post has been here for some time without an answer; I wanted to at least acknowledge your post. As an esophagectomy survivor I have certainly had my issues with night time reflux. I do sleep at an incline in an adjustable bed. But I have had very few aspiration episodes. I also take a Gaviscon tablet prior to going to bed and that seems to help reduce the reflux occurrences. Luckily, I have not had any lung infection issues.

    I might suggest you post your question on the "Smart Patients" web site under the Esophageal Cancer section at That site gets much more interactive participation from many EC survivors.

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