Enlarged lymph nodes 2 1/2 years after RCC



  • Lynn_65
    Lynn_65 Member Posts: 63 Member

    Decided to have the mediastinoscopy. Was done on November 2, received results November 8 that it wasn’t lymphoma or cancer, more consistent with sarcoid.

    Met with pulmonologist November 9 to discuss treatment. He believes 8 weeks of steroids (2 weeks of 20 mg, and 6 weeks of 10 mg) will knock it out and put me in remission.

    Having an echo to make sure heart not affected and an eye exam to make sure eyes are not affected.

  • medic1971
    medic1971 Member Posts: 225 Member

    Well, I'm glad it's not cancer. How are you doing? Did this have anything to do with the cellulitis in your foot?

  • Lynn_65
    Lynn_65 Member Posts: 63 Member

    Doing well, thank you for checking in. Eyes have not been affected. Echo to check heart scheduled for Dec 29. Have handled the prednisone well, probably due to the low dose. CT scan will be done in February to check lymph nodes. Believe the swelling was lymphedema, not cellulitis.