Enlarged lymph nodes 2 1/2 years after RCC

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I was in the ER Saturday for what had been diagnosed as cellulitis 2 weeks earlier. I had many tests including a chest X-ray followed by a CT scan that showed bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy. It was suggested I follow up with my oncologist on Monday. He has suggested a PET scan.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. My RCC was small, 20% of my left kidney removed, with good pathology report, clear margins, Fuhrman grade 2, pT1apNX, greatest dimension 2.6 cm, no sarcomatoid or rhabdoid differentiation.

My oncologist is very cautious and I have a ct scan every 6 months. This was not present on last one in June. I am of course very anxious. The wait for a PET scan is several weeks, unless there is a cancellation.