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I am not able to get into any of these groups. I don't see my post and no one has checked my . I tried getting on weeks ago. I registered here. Looking for some feedback for my current state of affairs. I have metastatic uterine in my lungs. This started in Dec of 2021 and in June 2022 I had surgery on my right lung which proved my current diagnosis. I've been waiting more answers. Feels like I've been waiting and waiting. I think that tonight I read on line somewhere that my cancer is stage IVB. I suspect that I'm in big trouble. Couldn't get in for a pet scan (all booked for the next month) so I have a c scan scheduled for Aug 12, a few days later I will be talking to this obgyn doctor


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    Thank you for adding the information about your past experience with endometrial cancer and your current lung nodules/lesions to your profile. That information really helps us to understand where you are with your treatments right now.

    Seeing a gynecological oncologist as the next step certainly seems warranted to determine if there has been a recurrence of the endometrial cancer and/or that it has metastasized to the lungs. It’s always hard to deal with more cancer just when you feel like you were done with treatment in 2018.

    Creating a topic like you did here lets the other members “see” your questions/comment. We don’t get notified when you add information to your profile, which is why no one has responded to you yet.

    Once you’ve met with the doctor at the cancer center on Friday, come back and let us know what was proposed. We’re here to help as we can.

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    Thank you cmb. It's a relief to know I've connected.

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    Hi Betty:

    For some reason the comment section wasn’t coming up so I sent you a message. I just wanted to reply to your message.

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    Wow, what a time this has been in so many ways and it's not over yet.

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    Hi Betty:

    Have you tried posting in the Lung Cancer portion? You may get more responses. Wishing you well.


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    Oh dear. I'm glad you were finally able to post where we can see it. I am so sorry you are dealing with lung metastases. Your original stage does not change. You remain the same stage with metastases. There are other treatments they can do if the lesions. on your left lung cannot be operated on. Immunotherapy is one and I think directed radiation is used too. I hope you get a plan soon. The unknown is hard to deal with. Are you at a cancer center?


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    I just wanted to join my friends in welcoming you here. I’m so glad you posted so we could try to help!

    I’m very sorry you’re in this position. I hope you can get tests and information.

    😎, A

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    Betty, I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I am very glad you were able to get comments posted. Hugs my dear.