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I'm post surgery and chemo. Still weak and can’t do too much without tiring I’ve been using Creon for a while and still losing weight. My next visit to my oncologist is in August. Would like to discuss timeline with someone who has gone through similar situations. In Seattle/Tacoma area. Just turned 77


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    I had a Whipple procedure in April 2022. I have similar issues. Fatigue and loss of appetite. Creon has helped, but I still struggle to maintain weight. I lost 40 pounds throughout the diagnostic process and surgery, and have started chemo. Getting my first blood work up after chemo.

    The most successful things I have tried are combining anti nausea meds with a gentle stool softener to keep my bowels moving. And Creon.

    I use Kachava protein drinks to supplement and get nutrition. I brought the bag to my nutritionist as a part of sharing my strategies, and she was very impressed with the ingredients. It really helps me to keep my protein up, and is delicious. I tried several different kinds, and hated the way they taste. I recommend the vanilla flavor, and I often add frozen fruit to brighten the drink.

    Best of luck. Please let me know how you are doing.