Six Year Tests

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I haven’t been around for a while…..traveling…..woo hoo. But back home and had tests/scans needed for my annual survivorship program appointment. The results are already in. Creatinine was 0.94, better than before my merry-go-round started. eGFR was 89, also a high for me. Chest x-rays were clear. And the ultrasound showed two renal cysts that have been present in every scan I’ve had. So, Uncle NED remains a close, visiting relative.

The actual appointment comes a week from today.


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    Congratulations! Time to celebrate.

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    Our favorite news! Regards to Uncle NED! :-)

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    Congrats! Great news!

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    Congratulations on being Ned

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    Awesome. Congrats!!!

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    we were diagnosed around the same time, similar size tumors…..

    i have been exited from protocol- no scans, ultrasound, nothing. I checked in with the other large hospital and they confirmed protocol.

    are you still able to be scannned yearly? I would love to know your protocols.


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    The original schedule was for 4 years of annual scan/x-rays. I was then moved to their Survivorship Program. No scan for my first visit, which was December, 2021. I asked for an ultrasound and x-ray at that visit, and that came with this visit. At this visit, the NP said there wasn’t a whole lot left for me in terms of what they could do, so I was released from that program with a clean bill of health. My plan is to discuss with my primary care physician a schedule to get an ultrasound and x-ray every couple of years to go along with the blood and urine tests I get every year with my annual physical. I likely don’t need it, but it’s just for peace of mind.

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    Wow I am envious of your Creatinine and eGFR! What great news. I think all that traveling is keeping you one healthy guy. Keep it up. Take care ~

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    Thanks for the info. I will work w my PCP to get on some sort of schedule.

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    Wonderful news.

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    Good to hear the good news, Bay. Happy travels, my friend!