CT Scan Next Week / Check up was today

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Today my radiation oncologist examined me and said the tissue looks really good, with no evidence of disease. She still wants me to do the CT scan next week to make sure all is ok, as I've had ongoing pain for so long. Probably adhesions.

Anyway, I should be really happy, but I'm so exhausted. I'm guessing most of you feel this huge physical and emotional exhaustion after the check up appointments. I am now six months from my last radiation treatment, so one and a half more years, and things will be more optimistic for me, but so far so good!



  • lkitty
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    Good morning,

    Thanks for sharing the good news. So happy for you. Wishing you the best for the New Year!

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    Glad to hear. ❤️ Hope all goes well with the scan.

    I go for my fist 6 month check-up with gyno/onc on 1/24/22 and a, trying not to get too anxious this far out but once the calendar flipped to January it flipped the switch back to the on position my mental and emotional radar.

    I am seeing my pelvic floor PT this afternoon and she does help to ground me as she does a mini-exam. Keep us posted.

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    Hey Deb 2 that’s great to hear! I hear ya on the CT scan; I haven’t had one yet that didn’t have some nasty news but that’s me with a totally different situation. To say my feelings are neither high nor low is a good definition. Doesn’t do any good to stress over it since you can’t control the outcome but knowledge is power. In you case I am sure your scan will show “all clear”!

    Happy New Year!

    Deb 1

  • Harmanygroves
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    Thanks so much, Deb! You always say the right thing.

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    Hi Deb 2, I'm glad that you got really good news at your appointment with your radiation oncologist. I hope that will somewhat lessen your anxiety over your upcoming CT. There's no way around it; those tests checking for possible recurrences and waiting for results afterwards are torture! But once you get the all-clear, you will be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief!

    We'll be waiting to hear your perfect test results next week!!

    Good luck and be well.

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    I get a ct scan once a year now, and my checkups are every 6 months. It has been 3 years and I am good. Even though ct scans are fairly quick and I want one so I can feel reassured, I still hate them. Mine are done with contrast and I hate that dye going into my vein!!

  • Harmanygroves
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    I can't wait til I'm past this first two year mark, seriously. It's exhausting.

    I don't like the dye going in either. It's a horrible feeling of panic. Thanks for checking in.

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    I only have CT-scans when I've reported a symptom, not routinely as some women here do. On the few occasions I've had one, nothing has shown up indicating a recurrence. So that is reassuring.

    But I've found that the contrast solution causes me to have severe diarrhea. So, I end up doing a modified colonoscopy-style preparation the day before so that I can avoid a disaster when I go in. That's the most annoying part of process for me.

    Hope your scan goes well this week.

  • Harmanygroves
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    I was scheduled for one in October, as I had persistent pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen, which may have been due to the problems with my hysterectomy. Surgeon noted it took twice as long with twice as much blood loss, owing to all the adhesions. I had pain for a long time, and kept mentioning it to medical staff, who listened and did nothing. Finally, my radiation oncologist said she wanted me to get a CT scan to make sure I don't have another mass / tumor (?) or other issue.

    I was irritated, as I wanted a PET scan rather than a CT scan, so I cancelled the CT scan. Last week's appointment, radiation oncologist said, "You need this CT scan. I wasn't just throwing you a bone. Get it done." So....I won't cancel this one. I really hate the contrast stuff, and between being in a tube, then having the stuff injected that makes you feel like running far and fast, well. Not excited, but I'll do it. I also just got a note that I have to do the co pay before the scan, and co pay is about 600, perhaps bc I haven't used this calendar year's deductible yet.

    Thanks, CMB.

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    Great news on your checkup. I just had mine 1/7 and a good report on the vaginal cuff area. I guess my dialator use has helped because the exam was not painful. Oncologist said the vaginal cuff is a primary reoccurance site so I was pleased too. I was given a thorough examination as well.

    I also have a CT scheduled. Six months since my last pre-radiation in July. CT is 1/14 and I share your scanxiety. Every symptom I have leads me to fear of the cancer returning. I have persistent diarrhea and narrow stool. Oncologist says that is radiation proctitis. Of course, I read those are colon cancer symptoms! I know this is a fear shared by survivors. I have read online coping methods and attended zoom webnars but the relief of fear seems fleeting at best. I seem to always return to Base Camp Fear.

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    Congrats on the good checkup. I am three 1/2 years post surgery, and while the fear of recurrence or another cancer is always there, it does get better over time. I am humbled to have not had a recurrence, but compared to my pre-cancer days, I no longer assume any longevity. I am now 71, so I have been given more precious time with my family and will be grateful for any years that I can get. But I don't think the fear ever totally goes away, it just becomes more manageable over time. I remember that in the 1st year or two, the anxiety just prior to exams or scans was unbearable, now I have very little anxiety before a visit. For me the anxiety did get better.

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    TY Bluebird

    I am constantly encouraged by the comments that fear of the scan can and does improve over time. I will welcome that time. I try to look at this cancer realistically and embrace each day coping my best. Sometimes my fear just wins the day. My motto has become Not Today. I won't let cancer take joy of this day. Not Today I won't let cancer take my sense of humor. Not Today, I may not feel as well one day but as for now. Not Today, I am 71 years old as well.

    I know the scans are necessary and I do want them to validate a good feeling of being well.

    Deb 1, If you can not stress over scans, after receiving nasty news after everyone, I can surely ralky to do the same. Hugs to you!

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    Post treatment, I was recently assigned a nurse and social worker by my insurance company. I assume this is because cancer is a chronic disease. These two kind women call me monthly to ask if there is anything I need like medical equipment etc. Thus far, I have been able to say I am feeling well and needed nothing. The social worker encouraged me to complete a living will. I selected an agent and two alternates to make decisions I outlined in the document in the instance where I could not speak for myself. I did this and recently had it notarized.

    I felt better doing this and just wondered if any of you ladies on this site were contacted by your insurance company and encouraged to do the same.

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    Thanks, Denise and Lyn--

    My stepdaughter and the three and five-year-old grandsons just left. I feel like absolutely crying. It's so much work. My stepdaughter listened to me telling her about my scan scheduled for today and said basically nothing. She did talk a lot about "herself," and that's normal. I am now getting ready and leaving---for the hospital, for the scan on lungs, abdomen, and pelvis region. Then, I will drive to Lincoln City and do a clean out on the beach house.

    My husband and I are absolutely worn out.

    All will be better soon, I'm sure. Just get me past this scan.

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    We are with you, Harmany!

    The next time we speak, the scan will be over. ((Hugs))

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    Deb, Good luck on the scan! Let us know how it goes. You are still early in your recovery so I think for many of us, it takes a lot out of us to do normal things. I was out of breath long after chemo, which finally resolved, but it affected my ability to do anything that required stamina. I am trying now to get back some of my fitness and energy levels but would be happy to just not lose anymore!

    Yes, I know that feeling of exhaustion. I never regained my full energy since surgery and chemo. Of course, I am no spring chicken! This fall, before Omicron hit, we invited my husband's very good friend from college and his wife over to dinner as we now live in the same city. Virtually, our first company since Covid. We were so excited to finally entertain again. First we had to get the house company clean. Then I had to find all of the serving pieces and nice glassware that have not been used in years. The meal was simple enough, but serving out of the mashed potato pot like we do when it was just us seemed too casual. We were so exhausted by the effort that would have been nothing in prior years. The good news is that we had such a good time, but we certainly paid for it in the end.

    Let us know how the scan went!


  • BluebirdOne
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    I was not assigned anyone by my insurance, but I have Medicare and a Supplemental policy. Maybe Medicare Advantage offers this? We have trusts, which include the living will but it is always a good thing to review them periodically.

  • Harmanygroves
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    Oh, what a day.

    I got to OHSU, and walked, walked, and walked to get to the scan place. It was on the 10th floor, way down a long hallway, and apparently, I could have gotten it done in another clinic. As it was, I was sharing the place with a lot of very ill people who were getting scans having had strokes and heart attacks.

    There was one lady there getting a routine every-six-month cancer check up scan. I had a nice chat with her....which calmed me down, as the contrast stuff makes me feel so horrible.

    Results are back. In summary, some issues I already knew about, but more: both my lower lungs are collapsed. Have any of you had that?? Not good news. I've been hacking and wheezing lately, so now it all makes sense. Often, it occurs after surgery.

    Good news: no mets or inflamed lymph nodes. But my lungs! what do I do? I wrote my doc already and asked.....but have you had this?

  • Lyn70
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    You gave yourself quite a workout considering your wheezing!

    Celebrating the no inflamed lymph nodes and no mets! Yah!

    Lung issue. ...I will let someine respond who has had the same experience. I am certain your oncologist has the treatment plan.

    (((Big Hug)))