Funny story - port surgery

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So I hadn't slept in a few weeks since cancer diagnosis, as many of you know is quite common after diagnosis. So the doctor comes up to me before my port surgery and seems very stressed. He states that I am on two medications that will interfere with twilight medicine and I'll be 100% fully awake during the procedure. He says that I should probably get general anesthesia but that doctor is in another surgery can be anywhere from 1-4 hour wait. At that point he has his head in his hands and can't decide what to do. I'm like well, I'm hungry, have a dog at home and don't feel like waiting all day so lets go with twilight.

I tell myself to stay calm because I'll be 100% fully awake. They wheel me in on the stretcher and tell me to get onto the table. I ask at this time if it is ok to try to fall asleep on my own. They said I should try to do that. They put on classical music for me and get me situated onto the surgery table.

As soon as I'm officially on the table, I close my eyes and am fully asleep through the entire surgery. I wake up to the doctor laughing at how sound of sleep I was and he was saying that he guesses he didn't need to worry so much. I laughed and said I guess those three weeks of no sleep since a cancer diagnosis paid off right? The port surgery was very successful since I was able to fall asleep!

So yeah, I can say I have officially slept through surgery!


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    Great story!! Thank you for sharing.

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    Gosh!!! Wish that for everyone getting a port. This is my second port. First one surgeon put me under. Second radiologist did it (not fun) was awake.

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    It reminds me of that jail scene in My cousin Vinny