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Stumbled across Cook For Your Life.  Lots fo healthy recipes and easy ways to drill down to sepcific needs.  Bon apetit!


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    Thanks for link, I'm going to try that pear and kale smoothie 

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    Oh, Hello Coconut and Banana Popsicles!

    The recipe for them in the site above looked SO GOOD to me that I was motivated to....

    a. order a popsicle kit from Amazon, with a nifty little silicone eight-pack mold and popsicle sticks.

    b. assemble all ingredients

    c. actually make them!

    And the verdict is in. A great big happy YUM from me! I just happened to have two overripe bananas on hand. Note: they don't have to be frozen before you use them. Also, you can add other frozen fruits--a blackberry chopped up, a strawberry. You get the picture.

    I also added some chopped dried coconut. I know I went about "half" on the honey, as I was hurrying and didn't put quite enough in, but they are excellent!


    Thanks for sharing the very cool site.


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    Sounds delicious - will have

    Sounds delicious - will have to try these.   My husband ahs been complaining about no dessert! Thanks.

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    I just ordered a hard copy

    It's such a great cookbook.

    For my survivorship, I am making a huge attempt to radically cut meat and dairy, and bump up vegetable and fruit intake. Today, I had six serviings of vegetables and a couple of fruit---along with a couple fresh spring rolls. 

    I was doing a beach house clean out, so got in about 13k steps and earned 130 "active minutes" on my fitbit. I ate ice cream my last renter left behind, but then realized I was "still" lactose intolerant w ice cream, and it vacated my body within the hour, so I don't think I really ate much ice cream, ha ha! Sorry for the TMI.

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    Thank you

    I saved this site I will definitely check the recipes.  

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    Thanks for sharing this! I'm a vegetarian always in search of more protein options! I love to cook but with my big cancer detour of 2022, I've really gotten off track. I'm sure I'll find lots of yummy options here!

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    I checked this out. The creamy shrimp soup looked appealing especially since I wanted shrimp! It is good. I especially like the broth and I could totally have had this during chemo.